Carl Ciarfalio

Carl Ciarfalio
Also Known as

1. Carl N. Ciarfalio

2. Carl Nick Ciafalio

3. Carl Nick Ciarfalio

4. Carl Ciarfallio

5. Carl Ciarfallo

6. Carl Ciarflio

7. Carl Ciarfolio

8. Carl Ciartalio

Name:Carl Ciarfalio
Place Of Birth:Alhambra, California, USA


Actor and Stuntman Carl Ciarfalio has played dozens of anonymous henchman roles in action movies such as DEATH WISH IV: THE CRACKDOWN, LICENSE TO KILL, and RAPID FIRE. He achieved cinematic notoriety by being the infamous victim of when Joe Pesci decided to put a rival gangster's head in a vice in CASINO.