Beyond Glory (2013)

Beyond Glory (2013)
Beyond Glory (2013) Beyond Glory (2013) 5.3/10by 2 users
Title:Beyond Glory
Original Title:Beyond Glory
Director:Ivan Bueno
Writer:Ivan Bueno
Runtime:7 min.
Genre:Action, Drama

 Production Company:


Lucia, a newcomer in mixed martial arts, is on the verge of hitting it big after defeating the long time reigning champion, Megumi. However, the former champion declines the big money rematch and decides to walk away from the sport altogether. This is a story about two female fighters who both must reconcile what they fight for in the ring, and outside it.

Name : Ivan Bueno

Name : Ivan Bueno

Name : Jayson Johnson

Name : Ivan Bueno

Name : Leah Weitz

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