Angel in Love (2005)

Angel in Love (2005)
Angel in Love (2005) Angel in Love (2005) 8.3/10by 3 users
Title:Angel in Love
Original Title:Zakochany anioł
Director:Artur Wiecek
Writer:Artur Wiecek, Witold Beres
Runtime:107 min.
Genre:Drama, Science Fiction, Romance

 Production Company:


Giordano, an angel assigned to an orphan in Krakow, is two years into the job when his celestial overseers, citing budget cuts, initiate "Phase Two" without telling him. Some changes are good - they send him a nanny, the enterprising Irena; some are bad - his phone number to Heaven no longer works nor do his special powers; and some dismay him - he grows a penis. His closest friend tells him to get a woman, and Irena advises him on hygiene. He visits a therapist, Roma, and falls in love with her. She tells him its transference. Meanwhile, Giordano's celestial friends conspire to rid Roma of her boyfriend, clearing the way for Giordano to be his naive and engaging self.

Name : Artur Wiecek

Name : Artur Wiecek

Name : Witold Beres

Name : Grzegorz Turnau

Name : Piotr Trela

Name : Marek Klimaszewski

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