Unfinished Love (2015)

Unfinished Love (2015)
Unfinished Love (2015) Unfinished Love (2015) 0/10by 0 users
Title:Unfinished Love
Original Title:Los amores inconclusos
Director:Frank Toro
Writer:Emili Corral, Frank Toro
Runtime:121 min.

 Production Company:Kinelogy Producciones Audiovisuales


Dani, paraplegic due to an 'accident' shrouded in mystery, lives in a double locked closet, bitter and immersed in memories of his adolescence. Veronica, paralyzed on one side, hides to her mother that she's a lesbian and has a girlfriend. Adolfo, a blind drag queen, aims to start a new life with his boyfriend. Their lives change when Eduardo, Dani's only friend before the accident, reappears.

Name : Emili Corral

Name : Frank Toro

Name : Frank Toro

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