The Big I Am (2010)

The Big I Am (2010)
The Big I Am (2010) The Big I Am (2010) 4.5/10by 12 users
Title:The Big I Am
Original Title:The Big I Am
Director:Nic Auerbach, Sally Jones, Susannah Wright
Writer:Tim Cunningham, Jack Iandoli
Country:United Kingdom
Runtime:105 min.
Genre:Thriller, Crime, Drama

 Production Company:Cinematic Productions, Robert Fucilla Company, TBIA Flix


A cruel twist of fate catapults small time crook Mickey Skinner into the big league, as head of a brutal London gang poised on the brink of a lucrative human-trafficking deal.

Name : Nic Auerbach

Name : Tim Cunningham

Name : Jack Iandoli

Name : Robert Fucilla

Name : Jack Iandoli

Name : Luc Chaudhary

Name : Daniel Hubbard

Name : Shane Daly

Name : James Radford

Name : Dawn Thomas-Mondo

Name : Jeremy Nicholls

Name : Tim Dickel

Name : Alex Morgan

Name : Toby Stevens

Name : Amy Clarke

Name : Phil Lyons

Name : Becky Harvey

Name : Ashok Kumar Kumar

Name : Robert Ede

Name : Jim Betteridge

Name : Glenn Marks

Name : Shane Daly

Name : Hamish Doyne-Ditmas

Name : Kevin Taylor

Name : Warren Orchard

Name : Chris Dowling

Name : Osvaldo Comite

Name : Sally Jones

Name : Susannah Wright

Name : Chris Hill

Name : Nick Hale

Name : Paul Edwards

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