The Book of Henry (2017)

The Book of Henry (2017)
The Book of Henry (2017) The Book of Henry (2017) 7.5/10by 261 users
Title:The Book of Henry
Original Title:The Book of Henry
Director:Colin Trevorrow
Writer:Gregg Hurwitz
Country:United States of America
Language:Español, English
Runtime:105 min.
Genre:Thriller, Drama, Crime

 Production Company:Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Double Nickel Entertainment


Naomi Watts stars as Susan, a single mother of two, working as a waitress in a small town. Her son, Henry, is an 11-year-old genius who not only manages the family finances but acts as emotional support for his mother and younger brother. When Henry discovers that the girl next door has a terrible secret, he implores Susan to take matters into her own hands in this imaginative and emotional drama.

Name : Colin Trevorrow

Name : Gregg Hurwitz

Name : Carla Hacken

Name : Jenette Kahn

Name : Sidney Kimmel

Name : Adam Richman

Name : Adam Callan

Name : Gregg Hurwitz

Name : Mark Mikutowicz

Name : Sue Baden-Powell

Name : Nick Meyer

Name : John Penotti

Name : Bruce Toll

Name : Jeff Gernert

Name : Michael Giacchino

Name : John Schwartzman

Name : Kevin Stitt

Name : Jessica Kelly

Name : Suzanne Smith

Name : Kalina Ivanov

Name : Derek Wang

Name : Joanne Ling

Name : Melissa Toth

Name : Kathleen Brown

Name : Maya Hardinge

Name : Claire Mahony

Name : Sue Baden-Powell

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