Brad's Status (2017)

Brad's Status (2017)
Brad's Status (2017) Brad's Status (2017) 6.1/10by 54 users
Title:Brad's Status
Original Title:Brad's Status
Director:Mike White
Writer:Mike White
Country:United States of America
Language:English, Deutsch
Runtime:101 min.
Genre:Music, Comedy, Drama

 Production Company:Plan B Entertainment, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment


Ben Stiller stars as Brad, whose satisfying career, sweet wife and comfortable life in suburban Sacramento aren't quite what he imagined during his college glory days. When he accompanies his musical prodigy son on a university tour, he can't help comparing his life with those of his four best college friends who seemingly have more wealthy and glamorous lives. But when circumstances force him to reconnect with his former friends, Brad begins to question whether he has really failed or if their lives are actually more flawed than they appear. Also stars Jenna Fischer (The Office), Luke Wilson (Old School) and Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex).

Name : David Bernad

Name : Mike White

Name : Mike White

Name : Dede Gardner

Name : Sidney Kimmel

Name : Brad Pitt

Name : Mike White

Name : Mark Mothersbaugh

Name : Xavier Grobet

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