Igelak (Frogs) (2016)

Igelak (Frogs) (2016)
Igelak (Frogs) (2016) Igelak (Frogs) (2016) 6.3/10by 3 users
Title:Igelak (Frogs)
Original Title:Igelak
Director:Patxo Tellería
Runtime:127 min.
Genre:Comedy, Music

 Production Company:Abra Produkzioak / ETB
 Homepage: https://igelak.com/en/ 


Pello, a bank branch manager, is arrested on charges of embezzlement. Abandoned by his superior (who got him involved in the heist), Pello escapes from the court room and goes on the run. With no papers, no money and no family or friends he can trust, he changes identity so that he can stay undercover for a time. By chance he ends up hiding in a building that has been occupied by a group of people evicted from their homes who are fighting his bank. Pello gains their trust, all the time planning to steal money from them to pay for false documentation so that he can escape abroad and start a new life.

Name : Aitor Mantxola

Name : Patxo Tellería

Name : Joxe Portela

Name : Iñaki Salvador

Name : Juanma Pagazaurtundua

Name : Raúl López

Name : Peio Villalba

Name : Joxe Portela

Name : Alberto Gerrikabeitia

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