Have Fun, Vasya! (2017)

Have Fun, Vasya! (2017)
Have Fun, Vasya! (2017) Have Fun, Vasya! (2017) 6.7/10by 23 users
Title:Have Fun, Vasya!
Original Title:Гуляй, Вася!
Director:Roman Karimov
Writer:Roman Karimov
Runtime:90 min.

 Production Company:Yellow, Black & White


Contemporary Russia. Mitya and Alisa are set to get married. The problem is that Mitya is still married to Vasya, who refuses to grant him a divorce. Can Mitya and his friends convince Vasya to change her mind?

Name : Roman Karimov

Name : Roman Karimov

Name : Andrey Novikov

Name : Alexey Trotsyuk

Name : Vitaly Shlyappo

Name : Denis Zhalinsky

Name : Ruslan Tatarintsev

Name : Eduard Iloyan

Name : Nadezhda Zenkova

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