Doomsday Device (2017)

Doomsday Device (2017)
Doomsday Device (2017) Doomsday Device (2017) 4.5/10by 4 users
Title:Doomsday Device
Original Title:Doomsday Device
Director:Christian Sesma
Writer:Christian Sesma
Country:United States of America
Runtime:90 min.
Genre:Science Fiction

 Production Company:Ton of Hats, CineTel Films


After the passing of his estranged father, Nick Simon returns home to settle his small estate. But in rummaging through his father's belongings, he and an appraiser unknowingly trigger an ancient Sumerian doomsday device. To make matters worse, It's just been stolen! Now, amidst every natural disaster imaginable, Nick and Angie must recover and reverse the stolen device. But with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, will they be able to stop it in time?

Name : Christian Sesma

Name : Christian Sesma

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