Gun (2010)

Gun (2010)
Gun (2010) Gun (2010) 5.5/10by 44 users
Original Title:Gun
Director:Jessy Terrero
Writer:50 Cent
Country:United States of America
Runtime:81 min.
Genre:Action, Thriller

 Production Company:Emmett Furla Oasis Films, Cheetah Vision, Hannibal Pictures


Detroit gun runner Rich works to sniff out a traitor in his midst after being targeted by the FBI and having barely surviving a weapons deal gone awry. Rich was all set to unload a serious supply of firepower when the bullets started to fly, and Angel saved his life. Later, as the investigation heats up, Rich's lover and supplier Gabriella starts getting paranoid. When Gabriella too finds herself on the bad end of a botched exchange, the stage is set for a shocking revelation that will rock the entire Detroit underworld.

Name : Jessy Terrero

Name : 50 Cent

Name : 50 Cent

Name : Randall Emmett

Name : George Furla

Name : Nancy Nayor

Name : Zeus Morand

Name : David Kitchens

Name : Ben Zarai

Name : Sabra Temple

Name : Joshua Stricklin

Name : David Winick

Name : Phil Holman

Name : Bill Taylor

Name : Ronald J. Webb

Name : Sandi Gunnett

Name : Anthony Rivera Jr.

Name : Daniel Feighery

Name : Jeff Kim

Name : Luke Owen

Name : Ken Gorrell

Name : Jeff Brue

Name : Damian Drago

Name : Sean Gray

Name : Mike Pipgras

Name : Ben Zarai

Name : Harvey Riley

Name : Dionne Wynn

Name : Karri Farris

Name : Kyle Dean Jackson

Name : Alan Pao

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