Women vs. Men (2002)

Women vs. Men (2002)
Women vs. Men (2002) Women vs. Men (2002) 4.7/10by 3 users
Title:Women vs. Men
Original Title:Women vs. Men
Director:Chazz Palminteri
Writer:David J. Burke
Runtime:88 min.

 Production Company:


Seeking the excitement that was once part of their married lives, Bruce and Michael slip out one night to a gentleman's club. When their wives, Dana and Brit, discover this boys-night-out activity, the husbands are booted from their homes. In the men's ensuing efforts to get back into their wives' good graces, their previously unspoken views about marriage and women begin to surface to disturbing effect for their wives.

Name : Chazz Palminteri

Name : David J. Burke

Name : Ron Rosen

Name : Laurence Bennett

Name : Cindy Coburn

Name : Reynaldo Villalobos

Name : Eddie Jobson

Name : Christine Peters

Name : Edward Zwick

Name : David J. Burke

Name : Marshall Herskovitz

Name : Richard Solomon

Name : Peter Schindler

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