Downfall (2004)

Downfall (2004)
Downfall (2004) Downfall (2004) 7.8/10by 1483 users
Original Title:Der Untergang
Director:Oliver Hirschbiegel, Bohdan Graczyk, Hanus Polak Jr.
Writer:Joachim Fest, Traudl Junge, Melissa Müller, Bernd Eichinger
Country:Austria, Germany, Italy
Language:Magyar, Deutsch, Pусский
Runtime:156 min.
Genre:Drama, History, War

 Production Company:Rai Cinema, Constantin Film Produktion, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), Degeto Film, EOS Entertainment


In April of 1945, Germany stands at the brink of defeat with the Russian Army closing in from the east and the Allied Expeditionary Force attacking from the west. In Berlin, capital of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler proclaims that Germany will still achieve victory and orders his generals and advisers to fight to the last man. When the end finally does come, and Hitler lies dead by his own hand, what is left of his military must find a way to end the killing that is the Battle of Berlin, and lay down their arms in surrender.

Name : Bernd Eichinger

Name : Christine Rothe

Name : Rainer Klausmann

Name : Stephan Zacharias

Name : An Dorthe Braker

Name : Bernd Lepel

Name : Claudia Bobsin

Name : Nico Krebs

Name : Lisa Geffcken-Reinhard

Name : Oliver Hirschbiegel

Name : Joachim Fest

Name : Traudl Junge

Name : Melissa Müller

Name : Bernd Eichinger

Name : Hans Funck

Name : Margrit Neufink

Name : Waldemar Pokromski

Name : Elena Zhukova

Name : Aleksey Filatov

Name : Sergey Fukalov

Name : Irina Melnikova

Name : Ekaterina Omakhanova

Name : Galina Zaigraeva

Name : Norbert Zich

Name : Carsten Richter

Name : Jörn Poetzl

Name : Abi Schneider

Name : Fabian Schmidt

Name : Natasha Grachova

Name : Stefanie Stalf

Name : Thomas Zauner

Name : Oleg Korytin

Name : Konstantin Kostin

Name : Marcus Pohlus

Name : Sebastian Meuschel

Name : Tilman Büttner

Name : Jürgen Olczyk

Name : Natalya Zamakhina

Name : Mila Koudriashova

Name : Bettina Bartl

Name : Kerstin Böck

Name : Yakov Gordin

Name : Svetlana Lukash

Name : Vladimir Plyatskovsky

Name : Oksana Rusalinova

Name : Maxim Volodin

Name : Philipp Sellier

Name : Wolf-Dietrich Brücker

Name : Doris J. Heinze

Name : Jörn Klamroth

Name : Christine Jahn

Name : Bohdan Graczyk

Name : Sergey Golovkin

Name : Tom Tykwer

Name : Oskar Roehler

Name : Dirk Eichler

Name : Carol Burandt von Kameke

Name : Andrew Mollo

Name : Hanus Polak Jr.

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